Get Free Airtime on biNu Rewards

How It Works

  • Answer Questions

    Respond to surveys in the Rewards section of the biNu app on your phone.

  • Earn Credits

    Earn biNu credits for each survey you respond to in the biNu Rewards app.

  • Buy Airtime

    Use your biNu credits to buy airtime for your mobile phone account. Or buy other premium products such as SMS, books and music.

  • Tell Your Friends

    Tell your friends about biNu so they can also earn biNu credits and get free airtime!

What You Need to Do

Go to on your mobile.


Go to on your mobile phone and download the biNu App. We support all Android devices and all Java feature phones that have a data connection.


Install the relevant app version onto your phone. Follow the instructions on to connect to our servers.

Sign Up

Start biNu on your phone, then click the "Get Free Airtime" icon. You will then need to sign up a new account to start earning credits.

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