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The biNu Virtual Smartphone Experience


Data is highly compressed between the biNu server and the app, making it run extermely fast on mobile phones. Extensive caching also means that the same data is hardly ever sent twice if it hasn't changed.

Any Phone

biNu uses cloud technology to run a wide range of popular applications virtually. This means that biNu apps work on almost any device with a data connection and screen size larger than 128x160 pixels. All Java feature phones and Android devices are supported.

Any Language

Regardless of the languages supported by the phone, any language or font can be displayed. This is because biNu displays content as images on the screen.

Selection of Apps on the biNu Platform

Messenger & Social

  • Messenger and chat
  • Status update & news feed
  • Cloud media library to store photos, audio, video


  • Curated local and global news
  • Multiple languages and countries
  • Thousands of RSS feeds


  • Live cricket and soccer scores
  • Commentary & results
  • Curated sports news feeds


  • Super-fast search results
  • Web, image and video
  • Google Translate


  • Super-fast Twitter app
  • All major functions
  • Photo upload


  • Super-fast discovery app
  • Search & browse
  • Play using device media player


  • Consumer surveys
  • biNu Credits reward
  • Exchanged for airtime top-up

Worldreader Books

  • Fast book reading app
  • Thousands of books in library
  • Multiple languages

Mills & Boon

  • Romance books
  • Free and for sale


  • African music
  • Free and paid downloads


  • Fast access to Wikipedia
  • Multiple languages


  • World’s largest English dictionary
  • Definitions, examples, synonyms etc
  • Audio pronunciations

Try a selection of biNu apps live on our emulator.

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