Mobile internet for emerging markets

10x faster using 10x less data

Android and Java feature phones

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Samsung, Touch and Nokia cellphones

biNu Product Solution

Barrier to entry

  • High cost of data, relative to incomes
  • Slow, congested mobile networks
  • Low cost, less capable mobile devices
  • Fear of unknowns – What? Where? How ?

biNu Solution

  • Ultra low data usage means affordable mobile data cost
  • App is fast and efficient on slow networks and connections
  • Very small thin client app for Android and Java feature phones
  • Safe, branded portal accessed via simple app. Curated content - easy to navigate

biNu Software Platform

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Real example of biNu user stats

Per month
7 hours online
2,000 page views
Only 15 MB mobile data!

Value Proposition

For Network Operators

  • More subscribers using data, more often
  • Highly engaged users, with positive first experience of the Internet
  • Encourage users into other data services

For Publishers and App Developers

  • Simple purposing and publication of content on the biNu Platform
  • Massive potential reach and distribution opportunity
  • Cross-platform applications such as mobile money

For Non-Profit Organisations

  • Low cost distribution of online education, health services, reading, news etc.